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You can Start Mutual Fund SIPs online for as low as Rs 1000 per month

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Buy and Sell Top Indian Mutual Funds Online. With our Best Mutual Fund Recommendation, you can

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How RoboMF Works

RoboMF makes Investing in Top Performing Mutual Funds automated, simple, fast, paperless, convenient, on the Go, Real time and very easy!!

Get Started with RoboMF. Any point in time during the process you can take help from our support staff via call 094 8300 8300 or e-mail - Invest@RoboMF.com

  • Step 1

    Personal History

    Enter Basic Information to start Mutual Fund Investment. RoboMF takes absolutely required information only. Be Rest Assured your data is very confidential with RoboMF.

  • Step 2

    Risk Assessment

    Answer just few (or 5) very easy questions about yourself. RoboMF Risk Assessment Algorithm (RRAA) will accurately work on your response and comes up with your risk taking ability ie RoboMF Risk Profile Score (RRPS).

  • Step 3

    Mutual Funds Recommendation

    Based on your RoboMF Risk Profile Score (RRPS), Get the list of all Best Performing Mutual Funds that you should invest. Also, RoboMF will let you know what percentage of your total Investment should be invested in which Mutual Fund.

  • Step 4

    Start Investing

    With click of a button you are done with your RoboMF Recommended Mutual Fund (RRMF) Investing.
    Try now, it’s that Easy!!

  • Step 5

    Get Acknowledgement

    Get the details of the transaction you just finished.

    RoboMF makes Investing in Top Performing Mutual Funds Automated, Simple, Fast, Paperless, Convenient, Real time and very easy!!

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Why RoboMF

Invest in 8000+ Indian Mutual Funds without any manual intervention or Investment Advisor. That is right. No Bank Relationship Manager, No Account Manager, No Financial Advisor, No Wealth Manager, No Investment Advisor. No Human Bias

Don’t be handicapped by Experts and Investment Gurus. Just You and your Investment…..

Mutual Funds profiled from all 44 Asset Management Companies. No Good Performing Fund is left out. That is right. No Filters. No Fund House Bias.

RoboMF tracks Mutual Fund Beta, Standard Deviation, past performance, Its Peer Fund comparison ect and maps it to your goal, expected returns Risk Profile and comes up with Fund Recommendation for you. It's highly Customized list of fund selection for your requirement. No one size Fits all. No Template Funds Bias

Mutual Fund Profiling of RoboMF changes every 3 months based on Stock Market, Bond Market Economic, Political, International Market Conditions. RoboMF also considers non-statically measures like Stock Market Momentum and Sentiments for Mutual Fund Selection. That is RoboMF Mutual Fund Recommendations are Not Static.

At RoboMF, Mutual Funds from all Asset Management Companies (AMCs) are Researched and Analysed to pick Top Performing Mutual Funds for you to Invest. No Brand Bias

Comprehensive and Exhaustive research of all types of Mutual Funds available in India to pick best Mutual Fund for you.

Experience new World of Mutual Fund Selection and Mutual Fund Investments.Start Now.

What RoboMF Does

Quick and Easy way to invest in the Best Mutual Funds of India.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment is an evaluation that attempts to determine Investor’s willingness to take risk that affects overall Investment decision-making strategy

Risk Profiling and Mapping

Risk evaluation by arranging all risks in a matrix reflecting frequency, severity to find which is the most suitable investment for Investor’s Risk Grade

Asset Allocation Determination

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk versus reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio according to the investor's risk Grade

Mutual Fund Recommendation

RoboMF Recommended Mutual Fund (RRMF) portfolio is divided into two parts

Core - for Stability and Predictability;

Alpha - Investments that have lot of potential for higher returns

RoboMF makes it simple for you

Investment Allocation

RoboMF help you to make optimal allocation of your overall investment amount into RoboMF Recommended Mutual Fund (RRMF)

Mutual Fund Online Investing

Make online Investments in RoboMF Recommended Mutual Fund (RRMF) directly from your bank seamlessly within minutes from the comfort of your home or anywhere on the GO

RoboMF Portfolio

RoboMF Recommended Mutual Fund (RRMF)

RoboMF researches all types of Mutual Funds to pick the consistently Top Performing Mutual Funds for you.

Equity Fund Portfolio

Grow Your Investments

Tax Saver Fund Portfolio

ELSS Funds Section 80C Tax Saving

Hybrid Fund Portfolio

Asset Allocate Your Investments

Debt Fund Portfolio

Protect Your Investments

International Fund Portfolio

Geo Diversify Investments

Commodity Fund Portfolio

Your Investments

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